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Muffler Replacement, O2 Sensor Diagnostics and Auto Exhaust Services

Lites Muffler North For Muffler Replacement, O2 Sensor Diagnostics and Auto Exhaust Services

Come to Lites Muffler North for exhaust services including O2 sensor diagnostics and muffler replacement.

Lites Muffler North, The #1 Muffler and Exhaust Service Center In The Shreveport Area

Since 2022, Lites Muffler North has been the muffler and exhaust experts that Shreveport area drivers turn to. Our muffler and exhaust services are geared to give you the best possible fuel efficiency and cut emissions when possible. At Lites Muffler North we know you count on your exhaust system and muffler to reduce noise and normalize your engine's back-pressure. When your exhaust system is faulty it can be very loud but more importantly, it can impact your engine performance.

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Your catalytic converter is the most expensive part of your exhaust system. When your catalytic converter begins to fail, you will hear a very loud rattling noise or your "check engine light" will begin to flash. Come by any Lites Muffler North location within the Shreveport area and we will diagnose the problem right away.

O2 Sensor Replacement

Ask any of the auto repair specialists at Lites Muffler North and they will tell you to have your O2 sensor inspected regularly. Oxygen sensors work in conjunction with your catalytic converter to monitor the amount of oxygen in your car's exhaust system. The professionals at Lites Muffler North in the Shreveport area use state of the art diagnostics to determine any point of failure in your exhaust system. Your O2 sensor determines if your air to fuel ratio is balanced in real-time as you accelerate or idle. Trust the auto repair experts at Lites Muffler North to keep your engine controller adjusted to maintain optimum oxygen to fuel mixture.

Muffler Replacements

When your muffler completely fails it is unbearably loud. Since 2022 shop has helped Shreveport area customers dampen or shape the sound produced by the engine and exhaust pipe with professional muffler replacement services. Different types of mufflers produce different sounds ranging from extremely quiet to a strong roar. So, whether you are looking to make your vehicle as quiet as possible, or one that gets you noticed, Lites Muffler North has the right muffler for you.

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Can't say enough about how good this place is. Had a truck that needed work, pulled in at 3.30. They never gave that we're almost closed feel even though they close at 5. They gave me a quick and fair quote. And then immediately went to work. Awesome folks and the work is great. Thanks guys!


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